Ningbo History Project

In autumn 2019, the Library initiated the Ningbo History Digital Humanities project in collaboration with researchers in the socials sciences, science and engineering. The project aims to develop an authority database with research data on Ningbo history from South Song to The Republic of China (1127-1949), integrating two dimensions. 

Spatial analysis of Ningbo based on maps

The map below, for example, is from Yinxian Tongzhi (鄞县通志) which is the local gazetteer published in the People’s Republic of China. Key symbolic places are identified and grouped in categories. ningbo

Image 1. Yinxian County Map (鄞县统图) from Yinxian Tongzhi (鄞县通志)

Image and textual content

Image and textual content present places in Ningbo. The image content refers to art works, including paintings and photos. The textual content from primary sources, mainly from local gazetteers dating back from South Song Dynasty (1127). The information from local gazetteers are categorized to tell stories from different aspects, such as economic, cultural, and architectural. 

Ningbo 2.1
ningbo 2.2


Image 2. Local Gazetteers

Ningbo History Database

Through long-term development, the Ningbo History Database will become an authority channel for all researchers who are interested in Ningbo study, and a window for showcasing Ningbo history and culture to international audiences.