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University of Nottingham Ningbo China
Human Resources Office
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Provost's welcome note

NJM photo 2_副本

I’m delighted to be back in the role of Provost of University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), as we look forward to the next milestone in the story of this unique Sino-foreign venture.

As an institution founded on the principle that excellent research and teaching are inextricably linked, we continue to focus investment on both our teaching, to ensure our graduates continue to be among the most sought-after by major employers, and our research excellence.

By doing all this, we will ensure that UNNC continues to be a strong and successful university long into the future – navigating the challenges ahead and transforming lives in China, the UK and beyond.

Professor Nick Miles OBE IMMM;Provost, University of Nottingham Ningbo China;Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Nottingham





Check out Derek's day at UNNC!

 I'd like to show you some of the reasons why I have found it so amazing to live and work at UNNC where we bring a British education into the dynamic setting of contemporary China.

Dr Derek Irwin, Head of School of Education and English




What's it like working at UNNC? See what our employees have to say



Working at UNNC is so rewarding and exciting, as I am engaging with so many different nationalities and also playing a key part in such a unique campus community. Combining both the British and Chinese sporting cultures together in order to enhance the experience has meant interest has grown in sport, helping to develop facilities and programmes further, so everyone can enjoy what UNNC Sport has to offer. The environment and people at UNNC are extremely friendly, and I am proud to be a part of such a prestigious global university.



UNNC offers a British university experience on our beautiful campus in the pleasant city of Ningbo, China. When you accept a post at UNNC you join a global institution with a diverse, dynamic, and multicultural teaching and research community which provides a vibrant, stimulating, and collegial work and study environment.



                                                                      In the time of globalization, scientific and technological research is going across the boundaries between countries and particularly crossing the industries, research institutions and universities to seeking cooperation and win-win. University of Nottingham Ningbo China provides just an excellent platform for this cooperation, which likely to align the strengths of each individual entities for innovation. I like very much the platform at UNNC, and I am just trying to link the aerospace industries with UNNC for the material innovation.



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