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Discover our world of research

UNNC is a fast growing hub for excellence in research, innovation and knowledge exchange. Driven by our collaboration with the Ningbo Government and industry partners, we provide solutions to local challenges through world-class research and innovation.


fundsupportWe fund and support over 500 postgraduate students and they play an important role in our research community
icon-pencil25 top scholars are recruited via Li Dak Sum Chair professor scheme to lead research development in key areas
World500Academic staff seconded from Nottingham UK or appointed to University of Nottingham standards
Industry iconWe work in collaboration with many organisations to turn knowledge and innovation into impact


Our research strengths

Health research

We are transforming patient care

Transport research

Pioneering a cleaner, greener future

Environment research

Discovering a sustainable future


Beacons of Excellence

Our Beacons of Excellence champion our industry-leading responses to key challenges, including Smart Manufacturing, Green Chemicals and Energy, Life Science and Health Care.


Pioneering the transport system of the future



Inspiring people

The work of our exceptional researchers inspires students, government policy and world-changing technologies and ideas.

Working with Business

work discuss 1000-666
We work in collaboration with many organisations to turn knowledge and innovation into impact.