Class of 2021 postgraduates celebrate graduation

13 November 2021

On 13 November, the 2021 winter graduation ceremony of University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) was held, with 434 postgraduate students presented Master’s degree from the University of Nottingham; eight doctoral students from Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences, Faculty of Business, and Faculty of Science and Engineering were presented PhD degree. 

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The 2021 graduation ceremony of UNNC kicked off with the welcome speech delivered by Professor Nick Miles, Provost of UNNC, through which he sent his blessings to all graduates and expressed his sincere expectations. “From your first day as new students, we have been supporting your potential and cultivating your global mindset to ensure that you are ready to solve the big questions facing the world.”

“And whether you recognise it yet or not, you will have been changed by your time with us- and those changes will have been for the better, be certain of that. Your skills, combined with the commitment, hard work and creativity you have shown whilst studying, and the ‘Nottingham spirit’, stands you in fantastic stead as you take your next steps to your extraordinary future,” he said.

On this year’s ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor’s Medal was awarded to Head of School of Education and English, Dr Derek Irwin, Abdulhalim Saeed Alfadel Saeed of Civil Engineering, Ziming Wang of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Changhong Yi of Economics, and the Security and Safety Office for their innovation and considerable achievements.

In addition, Gidado Adamu Abdullahi of Geospatial Engineering with Building Information Modelling, Felisha Elizabeth Tulus of Finance and Investment, together with Zuwei Xie of Finance and Investment were awarded the President’s Award for Outstanding Graduates for their exceptional achievements in both the academic realm and extracurricular activities.

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When recalling her experience at UNNC, Felisha admitted that as an international student, she experienced unfamiliarity at first, but gradually adapted to the new environment with support from her peers and the University. “Today’s graduation ceremony is not the rope breaking between us, instead this is actually the strap to keep building stronger relationships and supporting each other anytime, anywhere, and anyhow.”

Zuwei Xie, another winner of the President’s Award, took this opportunity to express her sincere gratitude for her tutors and module conveners. Looking back on her study in UNNC, Zuwei felt that not only has she met a broader world, but also encountered a better version of herself. “At UNNC, I ignited the sparks of my dream,” she said.

According to the latest data collected by Admissions and Career Development Office, graduates who have already obtained job offers are heading to work at Fortune Global 500 companies and other leading companies in the industry such as EY, KPMG, PwC and Midea as well as public institutions and state-owned enterprises. Graduates who chose to pursue further study are going to top universities like University of Pittsburgh, and University of Edinburgh.

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Due to the pandemic prevention needs, parents and friends as well as part of the graduates were unable to attend the ceremony on site, but also sent sincere blessings via livestreaming platforms from around the globe.

A message from parent of Tian Meng, a graduate of International Management, writes: "Congratulations on graduation! I hope you will bravely accept the challenges of the future with blessings and wisdom!" Devianita, a graduate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, received a note which writes: "Congratulations on your master's graduation, I wish you success in the future. In every step of your future, you must remember your beliefs."